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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

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At White Smiles Family Dental, we value patient education.  Everyone on our team enjoys sharing their knowledge with patients to help them take better care of their teeth and gums and overall oral health.

We get a lot of questions from patients, and we often hear the same questions more than once. To make it easy for you, we’ve shared some of these common questions below.

If you have a question that isn’t addressed, please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

Dental Implants

If you need a dental implant in Springfield, MO, you may be wondering how often you will need to have that implant replaced.

Dental implants contain three separate components, and the main part is the titanium implant post. This post is what gets anchored to your jawbone and takes the place of your missing tooth roots. Dental implant posts should last forever, and the majority of them will! A well-placed and well-cared-for dental implant will stay hidden under your gum line and quietly help your mouth function each day. Happy couple smiling wearing dental implants in Springfield MO

Damage to Your Dental Implant

You may, however, need to periodically replace a different component of your dental implant from time to time. The porcelain or ceramic tooth crown that sits on top of the titanium dental implant post is the portion of the implant that comes into contact with food, drinks, saliva, and bacteria daily. Your artificial tooth crown will naturally wear down over time as you eat and speak each day. Even though this dental crown cannot decay like a natural tooth, it can still crack, chip, or split. The average artificial tooth crown lasts roughly five to ten years, so you should plan on replacing yours about once every decade or so. 

Dental Implants in Springfield MO

Dental implants in Springfield, MO can help you strengthen and support your smile after tooth loss. If you’re considering a dental implant, Dr. Preston White or Dr. Shannon White can answer your questions or provide you with more information. Give our dentist office a call today at (417) 887-6882! 

Married couple on a golf course wearing dentures near 65804There are several different types of dental restorations available to patients who are missing natural teeth. Each restoration has its unique features and its pros and cons. 

Because there are so many options available, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed or unsure of which treatment route to take. At White Smiles Family Dental, we recommend meeting with our Springfield, MO dentists to learn more about which dental restoration is right for you.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures in Springfield, MO

Choosing a dental restoration after tooth loss is a big decision, and you shouldn’t have to go through the process on your own. Our dentists can work with you and explain more about your different treatment options. At our dental practice, we offer dentures and dental implants in Springfield, MO. It’s possible to choose both dentures and dental implants to restore your smile. 

The right dental restoration for you depends on several factors, including how many teeth you’ve lost, where the gaps are in your mouth, how quickly you need your tooth replacement, and what type of budget you are on. When you choose to work with our dentists, we will always evaluate your specific circumstances and recommend the options that are best for you individually. 

Contact Our Dentist Office in Springfield, MO

When you are ready to choose your new dental restoration, please call our dental office at (417) 887-6682 to get started. 

We look forward to working with you! 

A Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss

Dental implants in Springfield, MO are a testament to our advanced dental knowledge, equipment, and technology. They restore your entire tooth, even the root, to the benefit of our oral health. Dental implants allow us to eat the food we want, speak with clarity, and look young and healthy.

While attractive, dental implants are not just a cosmetic choice; the sturdy titanium post anchors to your jaw bone and provides security and stability. 

Once the dental implant has bonded to your jawbone, it becomes a permanent fixture. There's no fear that it will slip or fall out, or will break easily. Additionally, patients can extend the life of their implant by brushing and flossing regularly and keeping their regular dental cleanings and exams. Since this is already part of good oral hygiene, it's an easy step to follow. 

With proper care and maintenance, many implants will last for decades—or even a lifetime! 

Can My Dental Implant Fail?

The success rate of dental implants is extremely high; still, they can sometimes fail due to a variety of reasons.

Patients may have trouble with their implants if they neglect their oral hygiene, avoid the dentist, or smoke tobacco products. Smoking impacts the healing process and can cause an implant to fail.

Get Dental Implants in Springfield, MO

Dental implants have been with us for decades, and every year they are finely tuned to blend in seamlessly with your smile and last a lifetime.

If you are interested in restoring missing teeth, please contact White Smiles Family Dental to speak with dentists Dr. Shannon White and Dr. Preston White.

When you lose a permanent tooth, you need to replace that tooth if you waHappy elderly couple smiling wearing dental implants near 65804nt to maintain a healthy smile. Tooth loss negatively impacts your mouth in a whole host of ways, and it’s not just the one missing tooth that’s affected. 

Since you need to replace your missing tooth, most dentists offer several different artificial tooth replacement options. The vast majority of dentists agree, however, that dental implants are by far the best tooth-replacement option. 

The Best Option for Tooth Replacement

At White Smiles Family Dental, we recommend dental implants in Springfield, MO to all of our patients who have suffered tooth loss. If you’re searching for a high-quality way to replace a natural tooth, look no further than dental implants. 

If you have lost a natural tooth, you need a dental implant to protect your smile. Your dental implant will take the place of your missing tooth roots and act as a placeholder above your gums to keep your remaining teeth in place. Your jawbone needs the dental implant to help keep it active, and your natural teeth need the dental implant to prevent them from shifting. With a dental implant, every part of your mouth wins! 

Dental Implants Springfield, MO

For the best dental implants in Springfield, MO, contact Drs. Shannon and Preston White at White Smiles Family Dental. Our dental office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and you can schedule your dental implant appointment today by calling (417) 887-6682! 

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