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Your First Visit

We are happy you’ve made your first appointment with White Smiles Family Dentistry in Springfield, MO, and we look forward to meeting you. You might be wondering what to expect while you’re here, and perhaps you are feeling a bit anxious about your visit with us.

We believe that the more knowledge patients have about their oral health, the easier it is for them to take care of it. And that includes expectations when coming to our office.

The Reason for Your First Appointment

For most people, they are visiting us the first time because they need an oral examination and a professional cleaning. We will likely recommend that you allow us to take x-rays at this time. For most patients, taking x-rays once a year is adequate.

If you have come to us for another reason, such as an emergency, we’ll address that immediately to ensure your comfort. We can discuss any needed treatment at this time as well.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

Although we will go over your medical history during your first appointment, the more information we have, the better. We request that you bring the following items along with you:

  • Your insurance card, if you have dental insurance. If you have any forms from your insurance company, please bring those as well. Our office staff will file claims for you and do everything they can to ensure your insurance benefits are maximized. We accept almost all insurance companies and are Delta Premier providers.
  • If you have x-rays from another dentist that were taken in the past year, please bring those along. You can also contact the other dentist and request that the x-rays be sent directly to our office. Please call us to find out where those should be sent. If there isn’t enough time for that before you come in, you should be able to stop at the other office to pick up a copy so you can bring it along.
  • If you are taking any medications, take a moment before your appointment to make a list of medication names and the dosages. It’s important that we have this information. Let us know what medical conditions you are being treated for.
  • Be sure to alert us to any allergies you might have.

A Soothing Environment to Ensure a Comfortable Visit

Our office may not be fancy, but it is a warm, relaxing place where patients can be comfortable. We take all of the time we need with each patient, so you'll never feel rushed.

Our staff is experienced in making even the most anxious patient feel relaxed. If you need a bit of help in that regard, we also offer nitrous oxide. Let us know ahead of time if you are feeling stressed about your upcoming appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you!

If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (417) 887-6882
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White Smiles Family Dental is open again! With your safety in mind, we are following all CDC, OSHA, and ADA recommendations regarding safe dental treatment.