Dental Crowns and Bridges in Springfield, MO

It can be a challenge living with teeth that are damaged or missing. Your smile is impacted as well as your ability to chew and speak properly. If you’ve got teeth that are broken down or missing, we want to help you with a solution that will restore your smile.

At White Smiles Family Dental, we can create natural-looking, custom dental crowns and bridges in Springfield, MO that will give you back the form and function of your smile.

We always welcome your call to our Springfield, MO dental office to ask any questions you might have about crowns and bridges — or any other dental treatment. Meanwhile, we invite you to take a look below where we have included some of the more common questions we hear about tooth crowns and bridges.

What is a dental crown?

man at dentist | dental crowns in springfield moA dental crown is a durable, strong restoration that will protect your remaining tooth structure. It fits over a prepared tooth like a “cap” and enables your tooth to be preserved. It also looks just like a tooth, so it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Our dental crowns in Springfield, MO are truly beautiful and are designed to complement your smile. 

What are dental crowns made out of?

At White Smiles Family Dental, we use the strongest and most esthetic tooth-colored ceramics to create beautiful and functional crowns that will restore your smile and your ability to chew properly. All our crowns are custom-made specifically for your mouth. Our 3-D shade guide technology ensures the best color match on the market. If you need a dental crown in Springfield, MO, our dental team will ensure a custom fit and the perfect shade. 

When is a dental crown used?

Dental crowns have many applications at our Springfield, MO dental office, both practical and cosmetic, and they can be used to correct a number of problems, including:

  • Covering a tooth that is severely decayed
  • Protecting a tooth that has been weakened by root canal treatment
  • Fixing a tooth that has become fractured or broken
  • Strengthening a tooth that has become compromised because of a large, old filling
  • Covering a tooth that is misshapen or discolored

How do I care for a dental crown in Springfield, MO?

Caring for your dental crown is no different than caring for your natural tooth. Your dental crown cannot develop decay like your natural tooth, but you can still develop cavities beneath the crown. You can also get gum infections if you are not brushing and flossing properly.

Be sure to stay current with general dental visits with your Springfield, MO top dentist to ensure the dental crown is not showing any wear and tear.

How long do dental crowns last?

With proper care, you can expect your dental crown to last a decade or even longer. Dental crowns are strong and durable, but they are not indestructible so use common sense and avoid chewing on anything that is not food. Never use your tooth as a tool! If you have questions about your tooth crown, call your Springfield, MO dentists at (417) 887-6882!

Should I replace my old dental crown?

If you have an older dental crown, you might not like the way it looks. Dental crowns today look more natural than ever, and because many dental crowns no longer use metal, there are none of the gray margins along the gum line that you see with older crowns.

One of the dentists at our Springfield, MO dental office would be happy to take a look at your old dental crown and make recommendations as to whether or not it should be replaced.

When are dental bridges used?

Many people have questions about dental bridges in Springfield, MO. 

Missing even one tooth can jeopardize the health of the rest of your teeth by allowing teeth to shift and negatively impact your bite. A dental bridge will fill in a gap in your smile and prevent your other teeth from moving out of their correct positions.

Made of esthetic and durable ceramic, a bridge is retained in place by the adjacent teeth. It is a permanent bonded solution and does not have to be removed.

As with dental crowns, the dentists at our Springfield, MO dental office will ensure that the dental bridge is properly colored so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

It might be tempting to ignore the space left by a missing tooth — particularly if that tooth is in the back of your mouth where it may not show if you smile. But not filling in the gap can put the Family Smiling | Dental crowns in springfield mohealth of your healthy teeth at risk. Not only can you cause undue wear on your remaining teeth because you will chew differently when a tooth is missing, but you also risk more tooth loss.

When there is a space in your mouth, your remaining teeth have a tendency to shift in order to fill in that space. This starts a domino effect that can cause you to experience more tooth loss. Filling in the space left by a missing tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant protects the rest of the teeth in your mouth from sliding.

Another issue with missing teeth is that when the tooth roots are gone and cannot stimulate the jawbone, the body no longer sends nutrients to the area. This causes the jawbone to start to shrink. If you think of any denture-wearers you might know, you will see that they develop a sunken-in look around the mouth. This can make people look much older than their age.

We offer a number of options for tooth replacement at our Springfield, MO dental office, and one of our dentists would be happy to go over them with you.

How do I care for a dental bridge in Springfield, MO?

Unlike a partial denture, a dental bridge is permanently placed in your mouth. You won’t take out your dental bridge to care for it, so you will need to be diligent about cleaning around and beneath it. Food particles can get stuck there, which will feed the bacteria that can cause gum disease to develop.

Other options for replacing missing teeth include dental implants and partial removable dentures.

What is the procedure for crowns and bridges in 65804?

For most patients, the process will take place over two or three visits to our Springfield, MO dental office. On your first visit, we’ll take impressions and prepare your natural tooth to receive the restoration. Before you leave, we’ll give you a temporary crown or bridge to wear for the two weeks or so while your restorations are made.

You’ll return to our Springfield, MO dentists once the restoration has been finished. After it has been adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit, it will be cemented into place permanently.

What should I do if I want to find out more about dental crowns and bridges?

If you are dealing with broken down or missing teeth, let us go over your options for restoration or replacement. We will likely be able to recommend dental crowns or bridges to help restore your smile. Call our Southeast Springfield, MO dental office to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!