Root Canal Therapy in Springfield, MO

When toothache pain brings you to the dentist, the last thing you want to hear is that you need a root canal.Woman at dentist in springfield mo

But the truth is that root canals have received a bad reputation unfairly because they are a dental procedure that will not only relieve your pain but also can save your tooth. A root canal becomes necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, abscessed, or irreversibly inflamed. However, you don't have to dread the procedure because it will immediately relieve your pain and help to preserve your natural tooth. In fact, the toothache pain that usually brings patients in is far worse than the actual procedure to eliminate the pain.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we can perform root canal treatment right here in our Springfield, MO dental office without the need to refer patients to a specialist. Call White Smiles Family Dental right away at (417) 887-6882 if you are suffering from tooth pain.

The Signs of an Infected Tooth

Often people are unaware they have an infection in their tooth until they start feeling pain. A mild toothache can quickly become an excruciating one that is unbearable. This is what frequently moves people to contact their dentist.

Sometimes there are signs ahead of time that trouble is brewing. For instance, if you have chips, cracks, or fractures in a tooth, this makes it easier for bacteria to get into the tooth and cause an infection. In other cases, when you frequently need dental procedures in the same area, it might be another indicator that there is a potential problem.

In many cases, however, people are unaware of a problem until their tooth starts hurting, and now it is too late for preventive measures. At the first sign of pain or even sensitivity, you should call your dentist. Dental pain is never normal.

The Root Canal Process in Springfield, MO

root canal treatment diagram | springfield moRoot canal treatment involves cleaning out the infected tooth pulp from the tooth root via a tiny hole in the tooth. After your dentist numbs the area with a local anesthetic, they will thoroughly clean and disinfect the tooth’s inner root canal. The area is then filled and sealed to prevent any further infection.

Special filling material is placed in each root, which allows you to retain the tooth and prevents re-infection. Because removing the tooth pulp makes the treated tooth more brittle, a dental crown is recommended to strengthen the remaining tooth structure and prevent fractures.

The procedure itself is not painful, although you may have residual pain afterward from the infection. The discomfort should dissipate entirely in a few days.

The Myth about Root Canals

Most people associate root canal treatment with pain. It's likely they have heard a horror story, or have had the treatment themselves and remember how painful it was.

The truth is, it is not the root canal procedure that causes your pain, but rather the infection in your tooth. Root canal therapy in Springfield, MO actually relieves your pain because of the dental anesthetics that Drs. White utilize right away, and also because the procedure eliminates the infected and diseased tissue inside your tooth.

So, rather than being a painful and scary procedure, think of root canal treatment as a way to relieve your dental pain, while also helping you preserve your natural tooth.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

When you are in pain, you need relief fast! We understand this at White Smiles Family Dental, and we're prepared to work you into our schedule and provide the treatment you need the same day if it's necessary.

Drs. Preston and Shannon White are both highly-skilled and gentle, so you can rest assured that your root canal treatment will go smoothly and get you back on the path to wellness as soon as possible. They rely on the best dental anesthetics to help you feel numb, which immediately relieves your discomfort and ensures that you don't feel a thing during your procedure.

We also understand that hearing you need root canal treatment may cause you to feel anxious about the procedure. At White Smiles Family Dental, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to those patients who might need a little extra care during their procedure. Nitrous helps you feel relaxed and at ease during your procedure, but also quickly leaves your system so you can comfortably resume your normal activities and even drive yourself home after your dental appointment. If you feel that you would benefit from using nitrous during your root canal treatment, please let your Springfield dentist know beforehand.

Don't Put off Treatment

Your teeth should never hurt!

Find out if you need root canal treatment by scheduling your appointment with White Smiles Family Dental as soon as you start to feel any pain. Tooth-saving root canal treatment is a Couple smiling with baby | Root canal treatment springfield mostandard dental procedure that will alleviate the infection and your discomfort.

Failing to treat an infected tooth can result in your infection spreading to surrounding teeth or even more critical parts of your body like your brain. A dental infection could also end up irreversibly damaging your tooth and resulting in tooth loss.

You Can Prevent Root Canals

There are indeed many situations that we can't avoid; however, there are also many root canals that you can prevent. A tooth infection is typically caused by decay that is allowed to progress further and further into your tooth until it reaches a nerve and causes an infection. This is about the time you will start to feel that excruciating pain that keeps you up at night. Now your tooth needs root canal treatment to eliminate infection and preserve it.

But what if your dentist in Springfield had been able to detect that tooth decay in its early stages before it reached the nerve of your tooth? The answer is that you probably would've been able to treat it with a simple dental filling.

When you visit Drs. Preston and Shannon White regularly for preventive cleanings and checkups, they're able to detect tooth decay early while it's just a small cavity that they can quickly treat with a filling. Visit White Smiles Family Dental every six months for your cleanings and checkups so you can protect your dental health.

Dental Insurance and Root Canals in the 65804 Area

If you have dental insurance, your plan will likely pay for a percentage of your root canal treatment, which helps to defray your out-of-pocket cost. We also work with third-party financing companies like CareCredit who can break the price of your treatment into more manageable monthly payments.

So, if you are feeling the discomfort of a toothache, don't hesitate to call our Springfield dental office. Our financial coordinator will be happy to help you figure out how to fit your treatment into your budget so you can get the relief you need as soon as possible.

If you have a toothache or suspect you might need a root canal in Springfield, MO contact White Smiles Family Dental right away!