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What to Expect if You Need a Root Canal

October 18, 2020
Posted By: White Smiles Family Dental
woman at the dentist in springfield mo

When you need a root canal, it is likely because your tooth is infected. A tooth infection can cause severe and constant pain and damage to the tooth in question and even surrounding teeth if the infection is left untreated.

Root canal treatment has all kinds of horror stories associated with it. However, the first thing you should know is that modern dentistry has made this procedure efficient and comfortable. The next thing you should know is that the pain you hear about with this procedure isn't caused by the treatment itself but rather by the infection in your tooth. Root canal treatment actually alleviates the infection and eliminates your discomfort.

The Root Canal Procedure

During root canal treatment in Springfield, Dr. White removes the infected tissue from inside your tooth and delivers medication to help combat the infection. Then your tooth is sealed and given time to heal. Once it is healed, you'll return to White Smiles Family Dental to have your tooth strengthened with a permanent filling or a tooth crown.

After a root canal, your tooth becomes more brittle and needs to be reinforced so you can enjoy all the functions with eating and chewing that you had before your infection. That's why it's important to rebuild your tooth with a crown or filling.

Modern Comforts During Root Canal Treatment

These days, root canals in Springfield, MO are efficient and comfortable. The materials and tools Dr. White uses help to eliminate your infection quickly, and dental anesthetics numb your tooth and immediately alleviate your pain.

If you're feeling especially nervous about your root canal procedure, Dr. White also offers nitrous oxide that we can use during your treatment to help you feel at ease. Nitrous is a gas that effectively helps you feel more comfortable and doesn't leave lingering side effects after your procedure.

If you have a tooth that is feeling sensitive or painful, don't delay in contacting the Springfield dentists that patients trust for prompt treatment, Drs. Shannon and Preston White.

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