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What Happens After Root Canal Therapy?

February 3, 2020
Posted By: White Smiles Family Dental
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Did you recently undergo root canal therapy in Springfield, MO? If so, you may be wondering what happens next. 

Root canal treatment exists to save infected and at-risk teeth from needing extraction. If you’ve had root canal treatment on a tooth, it means that something about that tooth was compromised and that your dentist believed the tooth could still be viable with a little help. 

To be better prepared for the recovery process, we’ve compiled a brief outline of what to expect post-root canal treatment:

Pain and Soreness 

It’s normal to experience mild-to-moderate pain and sensitivity for a few days after your root canal therapy in Springfield, MO. Because root canal treatment involves going deep within your tooth to remove an infection or repair an injury, these sensitive areas of your tooth will likely be sore. 

It’s best to use painkillers such as Advil to manage your pain. If you’re ever in severe or atypical pain after root canal therapy, you should contact your Springfield dentist to receive further instructions. 

Dental Restoration

During root canal therapy, your dentist has to drill into your tooth’s interior. This drilling process inevitably damages the top of your tooth, also known as your “crown.”

To restore your tooth and provide the necessary structure your bite needs, you will likely need an artificial dental crown or filling placed after the tooth heals. If your root canal therapy was in the back portion of your mouth, we would most likely recommend a tooth crown. If your root canal treatment was in a front tooth or incisor, however, you may only need a tooth-colored dental filling.

Follow-Up With Our Dental Office

After your root canal therapy in Springfield, MO, our dental team will want to see you for a follow-up visit to make sure everything is healing correctly. If you have questions or concerns before your dental appointment, you can contact our dentists by calling (417) 887-6882. 

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