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Nobody Wants A(nother) Root Canal

March 29, 2022
Posted By: White Smiles Family Dental
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When you search Google for 'root canal,' it's ironic that the only autofill term that comes before 'pain' is 'cost.' That's because more and more, people in Springfield, MO, are realizing an essential truth: the only thing more agonizing than the tooth pain that leads to root canal therapy is having to pay hundreds of dollars to correct a dental problem that is largely preventable.

That last part bears repeating. You have the power of prevention where your dental health is concerned. One thing that may stand in the way is not knowing those methods. The White Smile Family Dental team is here to empower you with numerous tools to help avoid your first or even your second bout with root canal therapy.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

Your tooth is a perennial example of something hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Your tooth enamel acts as a shell, protecting your inner tooth, called the pulp, and consists of living tissue and a nerve. If tooth damage or decay penetrates that shell, then your tooth's pulp could become infected. As this infection grows, your tooth pulp will irritate the nerve, causing a toothache and other symptoms.

After assessing your condition, Drs. Preston and Shannon White may decide that root canal therapy is the best way to preserve your tooth. Otherwise, your condition may progress until your tooth needs to be extracted.

What You Can Do To Prevent Tooth Problems

Because the conditions that lead to root canal therapies are progressive, you can stay ahead of the problem by following your family dentist's recommendations. Among those are:

  • Brush twice per day, two minutes each time
  • Floss at least once per day
  • Drink lots of water
  • Limit sugary snacks and beverages and brush immediately afterward

Regular Checkups Are Your Best Defense

Though the at-home practices listed above are a good start, your most effective action is maintaining your six-month dental visits for a thorough exam and cleaning. The exam will help detect the early signs of tooth decay and damage, and the cleaning will remove the plaque and bacteria left over after brushing and flossing alone.

Root Canal Therapy in Springfield, MO

So, if you are feeling the discomfort of a toothache, don't hesitate to call your Springfield, MO dentists at White Smiles Family Dental right away. We want to help ensure that your first root canal will be your last.

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