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What are my options for a cracked tooth?

Man with bad tooth pain holding his jaw after a dental emergency near 65804It depends on how bad the crack is. In some cases, a simple dental filling might be enough to repair the tooth. In others, a crown might be indicated. If the crack is more serious, you might need root canal therapy or—as a last resort—a tooth extraction. In most cases, however, cracked teeth can easily be fixed by placing a crown on the tooth to cover and protect the tooth from further damage.

If you notice a crack in your tooth, be sure to come and see our emergency dentist in Springfield. If it doesn’t hurt, it might be tempting to put off treatment until the tooth is bothering you. But waiting until the tooth starts causing you pain usually results in an increased number of dental appointments and more expense to repair the tooth. The earlier we treat the cracked tooth, the better.

Visit Your Springfield, MO Emergency Dentist

Sometimes you might not notice the crack in your tooth until it starts causing trouble. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s so important to stay current with trips to the dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings. Even the tiniest crack will be detected with our advanced technology so you can get the treatment you need. If you've got more questions about cracked teeth, call our Springfield dental office today!

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