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Are tooth-colored fillings as good as silver fillings?

In the past, dentists relied on silver fillings to fix cavities, and they work well in the treatment of tooth decay. However, silver fillings can discolor over time and are not always flattering in pictures.

Today’s fillings rely on composite resin, which is white or tooth-colored, to provide a discreet treatment. This allows patients to smile and laugh without worrying about a mouth full of silver.

But are tooth-colored fillings as good as silver? We say, “Yes!” Tooth-colored resin can bond with the tooth, creating a true barrier following cavity treatment. It can stand up to chewing and—because the color blends with your teeth—it allows you to forget you ever had a cavity.

Tooth-colored resin is also used in cosmetic dentistry in Springfield, MO. We can use the same material to bond your teeth—meaning we conceal discoloration, tooth flaws, and shape abnormalities. The resin is truly versatile.

Of course, no cavities at all is our first choice. To lower your risks, be sure to visit your dentist every six months for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. And always remember to brush and floss!

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