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Do dental implants last forever?

If you need a dental implant in Springfield, MO, you may be wondering how often you will need to have that implant replaced.

Dental implants contain three separate components, and the main part is the titanium implant post. This post is what gets anchored to your jawbone and takes the place of your missing tooth roots. Dental implant posts should last forever, and the majority of them will! A well-placed and well-cared-for dental implant will stay hidden under your gum line and quietly help your mouth function each day. Happy couple smiling wearing dental implants in Springfield MO

Damage to Your Dental Implant

You may, however, need to periodically replace a different component of your dental implant from time to time. The porcelain or ceramic tooth crown that sits on top of the titanium dental implant post is the portion of the implant that comes into contact with food, drinks, saliva, and bacteria daily. Your artificial tooth crown will naturally wear down over time as you eat and speak each day. Even though this dental crown cannot decay like a natural tooth, it can still crack, chip, or split. The average artificial tooth crown lasts roughly five to ten years, so you should plan on replacing yours about once every decade or so. 

Dental Implants in Springfield MO

Dental implants in Springfield, MO can help you strengthen and support your smile after tooth loss. If you’re considering a dental implant, Dr. Preston White or Dr. Shannon White can answer your questions or provide you with more information. Give our dentist office a call today at (417) 887-6882! 

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