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Is professional teeth whitening safe for enamel?

Anyone who aspires to whiter teeth has plenty of options for attaining them. While store-bought products will deliver some results, it’s safer for your smile to choose professional teeth whitening in Springfield, MO. Not only will you see more dramatic results, but you can be assured of a whitening procedure that is customized specifically for your needs.

Close up of teeth whitening in Springfield MOWhen used as directed by your dentist or hygienist, it is a safe procedure that won’t damage your enamel. However, the temptation to over-whiten with over-the-counter products can lead to tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and loss of tooth enamel.

Your best bet if you are considering teeth whitening is to consult your hygienist or cosmetic dentist. At White Smiles Family Dental, we use Zoom! products and offer both in-office whitening and customized take-home kits. Professional teeth whitening in Springfield, MO gets your smile brighter faster and helps you avoid the pitfalls of at-home kits.

An in-office procedure takes about an hour and is perfect if you are on a tight timeline for a big event like a wedding, reunion, or business presentation. If you have a little more time, we recommend customized take-home kits that are convenient and produce beautiful, long-lasting results.

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment in Springfield!

If you have always wanted a bright, white smile but worry about the risks, call our Springfield dentist office at (417) 887-6882 to schedule a dental cleaning. We will determine your needs and recommend the teeth whitening procedure that we think will be the safest and most effective option for you.

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