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What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy in Springfield, MO removes nerve and blood vessels within the tooth to try to save the tooth from a dental extraction.

Our enamel is tough, but it can have softened or worn points that bacteria can burrow in. When bacteria infect the pulp of your tooth, we have to move fast to prevent it from destroying the tooth. 

What Is Dental Pulp?Diagram of tooth exterior and internal root canal

The pulp is comprised of all the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth. It extends from the crown of the tooth (the visible portion of your tooth) to the root in the jaw bone.

When the Pulp Gets Infected

When the inner portion of the tooth becomes infected and cannot heal itself, it can start to die. This is a common occurrence with a significant cavity or a fractured tooth.

Holes in your enamel can let bacteria into the inner pulp, which causes an infection inside the tooth. Without dental treatment, it can form an abscess which can impact the bone around the tooth. 

Root Canals in 65804 Can Save Your Teeth

At White Smiles Family Dental, we try to save your teeth whenever possible. Root canal therapy can allow us to remove any infection or inflammation from the tooth so that it can remain. Many root canals are emergency dental procedures if the patient has not had a dental cleaning and exam for a long time. 

Oral health issues are often a slow, gradual process that culminates in a five-alarm dental emergency. By seeing your Springfield dentists, Dr. Shannon White and Dr. Preston White, as regularly as you can, you fight off any impending infections. Contact White Smiles Family Dental today to schedule your next appointment!

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